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We do more than simply submit your business data once across the internet and hope that the updates provide results. With best-in-class capability and value, Local SEO maximizes the marketing power of local search for your business.


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Review Management

We view the number of customer reviews and the average rating for all of your listings and see how these trend over time. In addition to monitoring and reporting on all reviews, we can respond to Google reviews directly. And for other review sites, our service provides direct links to the specific reviews on those platforms for fast action.

Local Analytics

See the value of local marketing by measuring traffic to your site and/or store page from search engines. We prove the impact of local marketing by tracking local organic keyword performance relative to your local search competitors. We can spot opportunities for improvement and listings within striking distance of ranking in your area.

Local SEO – NAWP Service

Make local search your advantage when you select the active data location management features and support that your business requires. Clean Cut Marketing distributes your listing information in real time to the key directories and essential data aggregators that are the trusted listing providers to search engines, apps and directories (which now includes Apple Maps).

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